Last few months spent in the shop on this!

I am extremely excited to be able to have the chance to get one of these tools into my collection. This is a 1000mm XL Shapeoko2 CNC router that I have been building up and modifying. This has been going on since the start of the warmer weather up here in Canada, now I finally have it to a point that I am ready to start tackling some harder project I have wanted to try.

But besides some teaser photos this post will just list the specs of the setup I have in place, and I will be making more in depth posts about detailed features such as the 3D printed cable chain or the custom designed mounts for the improved 1-1/4hp Rigid trim router. So keep checking in here from time to time as I get more information written up about this project itself and many others I will have coming!

Current machine specs:

  • Shapeoko2 CNC router w/upgraded 1000mm rails
  • Double X-axis rails(for extra rigidity)
  • 3D printed yellow ABS cable chain(more on that later)
  • Upgraded R2401 Rigid trim router(1-1/4hp running 15,000-25,000rpm)
  • 3/4″ MDF waste board
  • TB6560 3-axis control board(parallel port connection for individual pins)
  • Dedicated desktop PC running Windows XP and MSI-Turbo2 motherboard for the on board parallel port(see above control board)
  • MACH3 Mill as the control Software for the machine and its control board

All of this is sitting on top of a custom built 8′ x 4′ workbench I designed and measured in 3D than built a couple months back in one afternoon, total cost was about $100cad :) Let me know if you want to hear more on this workbench otherwise it is nothing fancy haha.


I have a couple more upgrades already done to the machine and the picture on this post is a few weeks old. I will be saving those for another post to talk a bit more in detail about them.


Also do not forget to check out our for sneak peeks