A hard but fun CNC job this past week.

I had a long couple days in the shop this week with the CNC router. This job certainly had its up’s and down’s, trying to learn cnc milling is always that way. I also am the type who prefers to just jump in the deep end when I need to learn something. This piece is a reproduction of an old style “Breeze Block”. Back approx 30-40 years ago people would build big privacy walls with cement blocks of this style(and others)

This would allow air to flow through the space still(hence the term breeze block) but offer a private setting from neighbors or people passing by. Apparently they have not been in production for many years now. So when I was approached by one of my customers and asked if making a copy would be possible I just had to give it a try!


Originally they were looking at possibly 3d printing the piece, but given its size/volume(approx 12 x 12 x 7). The cost as well as time was insane! So we came up with the idea to finally use our little CNC router to do some cuts into 24mm thick birch plywood. Doing 8 cuts of these and laminating them together gave us our final dimensions we needed. Each cut had to go slow because the the 1/8 endmill had trouble evacuating the chips it made once it go to a certain depth. This also meant some very close baby sitting with a vacuum on my part towards the end to insure nothing clogged up and broke anymore of my bits!

Now the block is off to the customer(she thought it looked great!) and will be going over to a second company that is local and specializes in cement casting.


I cannot wait to see how these turn out :)  It was a long job but a fun one to do and I learned so much on my machine while doing these cuts. Even if I didn’t make a mistake I still got something from each and every piece I had to make. Nothing like some good old fashioned DIY, the good and the bad, it was worth it in the end.